EPF Advance, Partial Withdrawal Rules

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EPF Advance: Employee provident fund organization allows premature withdrawal and also provides loan facility to its subscribers. However, there are certain terms and conditions under which you can opt for the advance. Almost all salaried people contribute a certain percentage of their salary towards their Employee Provident Fund (EPF) account every month. While most of us know that EPF is an effective tool that helps generate a corpus for life after retirement, many of us are unaware that we can withdraw from the EPF account to meet urgent cash requirements.

An EPF account cannot be treated like any other savings bank account. There are certain specified criteria under which withdrawal is permitted from an EPF account. An individual needs to furnish all relevant documents and satisfy the necessary requirements in order to be eligible for premature withdrawal from the account.

EPF Advance

Advance for Purchase of House/Flat, Construction of House Including Acquisition of Site

For calculation of the EPF balance eligibility for EPF withdrawal for house, flat, or construction of a property, employee’s contribution and interest on that along with employer contribution and interest on that is considered. If the amount of such withdrawal is more than the actual cost or expenses of acquiring the property, then you have to refund such excess amount to EPFO in a lump sum within 30 days from the date of finalization of the purchase, completion of the property, or necessary additions or alterations to a house or flat.

If you have failed to utilize the withdrawal for acquiring the property, then you must refund the whole amount to EPFO within 15 days from the date of such non-allotment.

EPF Advance – Partial withdrawal from the fund for repayment of loans in special cases

You can withdraw up to 90% of EPF Balance (Employee share and interest on that Employer share and interest on that) or the cost of the construction of property whichever is less. You are allowed to withdraw only once in your working life from the EPF Account to fund the construction, purchase or repayment of a housing loan.If the amount of such withdrawal is more than the actual cost or expenses of acquiring the property, then you have to refund such excess amount to EPFO in lump sum within 30 days from the date of allotment / completion of project / alteration of house etc.,

In case, you do not utilize the EPF advance amount completely for the said purpose, you have to refund the entire amount to the EFPO account within 15 days.

EPF Advance in special cases

Employees Provident Fund Organization or popularly known as EPFO offers partial withdrawal facility where the subscribers can take advance from their Provident Fund Accumulation in some cases such as purchase, construction of house, repayment of loan, non – receipt of wage for 2 months, for marriage of self / daughter / son / brother, for medical treatment of family member and so on.

(a) Marriage
This reason can be used 3 times in an employee life. The employee must have completed minimum 7years service. 50% of the employee contribution can be withdrawn each time. This can be withdrawn for yourself, daughter, son, brother or sister.

(b) Education
This option can also be used only thrice in employee life time. The employee has to be completed a total service of 7 years. 50% of the employee contribution can be withdrawn each time. This can be withdrawn for yourself or children.

(c) Medical treatment
You can use this option for yourself, wife/husband, children & parents. The patient must be hospitalized more than a month an if the patient is employee then they should have taken leave from organization. You can take 6 times of wages or employee’s share. There is no, limit on no. of times to be taken.

Note: For cases like TB, leprosy, paralysis, cancer, mental derangement or heart ailment advance is given even no hospitalized.

(d) Purchase or construction of home
You can withdraw from PF account for the purchase of a home or construction of the house only once. You must have completed 5 years in service and the property should be registered in the name of self or jointly with spouse where the property should not have any joint owner of property.

(e) Purchase of plot
PF money can be used for buying a plot of land which can be availed only once. The minimum service requirement is at least 5 years

(f) Remodeling or addition in the house and repairs of house

  • The maximum money employee can withdraw is 12 times of his/her monthly wages
  • The house should be more than 5 yrs. old after construction completion date.
  • Employee should have completed minimum 10 yrs. of service
  • Employee can avail this facility only once
  • The house should be in the name of self, spouse or jointly with spouse

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  1. I have withdrawn 90% of PF amount. and now I want to withdraw full and final balance pf amount from the account. Please advise whether this can be withdrawn on line. Please provide me the site and form number so that I can fill the detail on line for balance 100% PF amount.



    • Sir, I have applied the advance for additions/alteration of my house and got 100% of employee contribution only. For construction purposes, employer contribution along with employee share has not been sanctioned. Please let me know the reason for not sanctioning the employer contribution along with employee contribution and also advise the procedures that need to be done to get the employer contribution for the above-mentioned purposes.

  2. Sir, I have applied the advance for construction of the house on 16.03.2021, settled on 19.03.2021 but amount not credited in my bank account


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