How to Get UAN (Universal Account Number) -EPF through PF Number

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Any employee under the norms of EPFO possessing EPF must know their Universal account number(UAN). A person with Universal account number is eligible to enjoy all the services provided by EPFO i.e., Employment Provident Fund Organization. Some of the services provided by the organization include EPF balance check, EPF transfer, EPF withdrawal and so on. All these services can be operated only by using Universal account number. If any member with EPF account is not having UAN can go through the article to get the number as the process of getting UAN is very easy and simple.

UAN is Universal Account Number

This is a 12-digit number allotted to employee who is contributing to EPF will be generated for each of the PF member by EPFO. The UAN will act as an umbrella for the multiple Member Ids allotted to an individual by different establishments and also remains same through the lifetime of an employee. It does not change with the change in jobs. The idea is to link multiple Member Identification Numbers (Member Id) allotted to a single member under single Universal Account Number. This will help the member to view details of all the Member Identification Numbers (Member Id) linked to it. The major contribution of it is no two members will have the same UAN number.

Advantages of Universal Account Number:

Facilitates workers in organized sector to transfer their provident fund deposits while switching jobs anywhere in India easily. The UAN would be one account number which would be allotted to a subscriber for various schemes run by the EPFO for his or her entire service period with different employers

  • Employees can download EPF passbook through online UAN portal through providing UAN number.
  • allows employees withdraw PF online.
  • Transferring PF from old to a new account is easy.
  • The online portal helps keep a check on EPF balance using UAN. Sending an SMS with UAN also lets you find the balance.
  • The UAN is independent of employers. The UAN should, however, be an Aadhar and KYC verified.
  • One can manage their PF accounts online, and there is no role of employer holding it back.
  • Employees can keep track of the deposits made each month regarding PF deductions
  • You will get monthly SMS to update your PF contribution.

Benefits of UAN Number to employees:

The UAN number is a huge benefit for the employees for a number of reasons. There is no interference of employer in PF withdrawals. Further, there is no need to transfer funds while changing jobs.

SMS alerts make it easy to manage the fund’s account. The UAN number lastly enhances the effectiveness of employee pension scheme and benefits the employee in regards to taxes and future savings.

How to get UAN – EPF through PF number?

UAN is mandatory for filing the member contribution as everyone known. Currently, UAN can be generated by employer only and the same to be generated before ECR (electronic challan cum return) filing of that member. Establishments with large number of new joiners every month are facing problem in generation of UAN due to mismatch of input data with Aadhaar. So EPFO has provided a functionality at Unified Portal “through which any citizen (prospective employee) can generate his/her UAN on the basis of Aadhaar.” One should go through the instructions carefully and should be alert while filling the details.

Pre-requisite to get UAN number:

1. PF (Provident Fund) number – Generally mentioned in the salary slip or you can get it from your HR department or from the employer you employed with.
2. Name – As it was mentioned in your PF records.
3. Date of birth – It is considered as per the information you recorded in EPFO.
4. Mobile number – It is compulsory as password and OTP is generated to your mobile number by EPFO.
5. E- mail ID – It is not compulsory one can mention their ID if they are interested in giving it.

Procedure to get UAN through PF number:

1. The candidate should first login to official website of Universal Account Number (UAN)

2. EPFO offers a number of services to its subscribers through this portal. Then the person has to click on the ‘UAN Allotment’ link which is on the left side of the EPFO website’s home page.

3. Select your state and EPFO office from the drop down menu

4. The user then has to enter his/ her Aadhaar Number and click button “Generate OTP”.

5. An OTP will be sent to his/ her registered mobile number.

6. After entering the OTP and accepting the Disclaimer provided therein by clicking on the box, the Submit Button will be enabled. Now click the “Submit” button to proceed further.

7. A screen displaying the Basic Details available against the Aadhaar entered by the user will be opened.

8. The user can verify his/ her details and enter the requisite data in the mandatory fields provided in the screen.

9. The user can then click the Register button after entering the captcha and selecting the box in the disclaimer section.

10. After clicking the “Register” button the UAN will be allotted and will be displayed as the message to the user.

Under it active employees in organized sector are provided with universal number which can be linked to various provident fund account numbers provided to them after switching jobs by different organizations. Thus, a single account number can be used throughout workers’ employments with various organizations

UAN will help to reduce the workload of the EPFO to a great extent as it receives over 12 lakh claims for transfer of PF account on changing of jobs by its subscribers.

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